2021 CLF Baselines - What stages are included in board and foamed-in-place insulation baselines?


I’m wondering if someone can help me understand what LCA stages are included in the CLF Baselines for Board and Foamed-in-place insulation products. The report mentions that impacts outside of A1-A3 are included to account for emissions during product installation and over a product’s lifespan. Does that mean CLF Baselines include A1-A3 + A5 + B1, or what is included?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Good question!

In that report, both board and foamed-in-place include: A1-A3, B1 (use phase blowing agent (BA) emissions), C4 (to account for end-of-life BA emissions).
Foamed-in-place also includes A5 (to account for BA emissions during foam production).

(In the recent 2023 version we’ve documented this more explicitly.)


You can find the impacts of various stages (scope includes A1-A3, B1, & C4) listed in the 2023 Material Baselines Appendices.