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CLF Boston || Impact Series || Exploring Embodied Carbon Reduction Opportunities in Commercial and Multifamily Projects

This session will examine mixed use commercial and multifamily projects including low, mid and high-rise buildings, senior living facilities, student housing, and P3 projects and their opportunities for embodied carbon reduction. After brief intro presentations on examples of embodied carbon studies for this project use type, participants will engage in a discussion where they can share experiences on various project types, identify opportunities as well as obstacles to making significant reductions.

Tom Chase
New Ecology

Kristen Fritsch AIA
Elkus Manfredi Architects

Blake Jackson AIA

The CLF Boston Impact Series is a forum-based opportunity to engage with key stakeholders working to address embodied carbon in their buildings. Each session is focused on a particular sector or building typology in order to address their unique opportunities & challenges.


CLF Boston || Impact Series || Substitutes Not Accepted–Bringing Embodied Carbon Goals into the Public Bid Process

Our schools, libraries, parks, community centers and other public spaces are essential projects for our communities to meet climate action plan objectives. These projects represent an opportunity to address embodied carbon inputs from our buildings that can serve as highly visible models for citizens to address emissions in their daily lives. While new construction represents an obvious opportunity to address embodied carbon, municipalities and the Architecture and Engineering community can work together to address embodied carbon requirements to RFPs, bid documents, and procurement guidelines for all projects.This session will provide a forum discussion which will attempt to identify objectives for the ideal public process; where opportunities to do better on embodied carbon are present for all public projects.

Suni Dillard AIA
HMFH Architects

Lisa Goodwin Robbins
Kalin Associates

Jim Newman
Linnean Solutions

The CLF Boston Impact Series is a forum-based opportunity to engage with key stakeholders working to address embodied carbon in their buildings. Each session is focused on a particular sector or building typology in order to address their unique opportunities & challenges.


CLF Boston || Impact Series || Home Sweet Home–Embodied Carbon in the Residential Sector

When we think about embodied carbon emissions, we tend to envision our largest buildings and campuses that include millions of square feet. These are all worthy targets; however, one could argue that small scale residential is an equally high priority. In North America roughly 1/3 of annual construction dollars are spent on single family housing. Moreover, the single-family market is highly competitive and has a track record of rapidly scaling innovations—meaning that practitioners who work at this scale are ideally positioned to have an immediate impact, and to lead the industry towards broader adoption of carbon smart practices. The most innovative practitioners are building and renovating with biogenic materials that have the potential to store carbon. This session is for all who intersect in the residential realm: architects, single family home builders to those renovating or building up to five dwelling units, innovative lenders, and municipalities who are considering ways to tackle embodied carbon via project permitting to achieve goals within their climate action plans.

Matthew Coffey
South Mountain Company

Chris Magwood
The Endeavour Centre

Lillian Maurer

Jacob Deva Racusin
New Frameworks Natural Design/Build

Rachel White
Byggmeister Design/Build

The CLF Boston Impact Series is a forum-based opportunity to engage with key stakeholders working to address embodied carbon in their buildings. Each session is focused on a particular sector or building typology in order to address their unique opportunities & challenges.

Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021
Time: 11:00 am PT | 2:00 pm ET | 20:00 CET
Duration: 60 minutes
Registration: From Storing Goods to Storing Carbon: Distribution Center Case Studies

The recent surge in eCommerce has increased demand for distribution centers and warehouses around the world. In parallel, the construction sustainability movement has resulted in the evolution of these buildings from temporarily storing goods to permanently storing carbon.

Join us for a lively panel discussion about four distribution center projects that permanently removed and reduced embodied carbon from the construction process.

Hear from different project stakeholders and discover how:

  • Project teams can align on a mission to think outside the traditional big box warehouse.
  • Concrete mixes can be designed to ensure both performance and sustainability.
  • Concrete finishers on warehouse floors become advocates for CarbonCure.

Register here - From Storing Goods to Storing Carbon: Distribution Center Case Studies

2021-06-29T17:00:00Z2021-06-29T18:30:00Z CLF Chicago: The Role of Refrigerants in Reducing Emissions.

June 29, 2021 6:00 PMJune 29, 2021 7:00 PM
Webinar: Creating LEED v4.1 Optimized EPDs: USGBC, Owens Corning & Advanced Fiber Technology

Performance IMPROVEMENT matters. Join Wes Sullens, LEED Director, USGBC, to learn about the LEED 4.1 EPD Option 2. Embodied Carbon/LCA Optimization credit.

Attend this webinar to learn about:
• MFRs: How to make your next EPDs even more valuable
• AECOs: How to find products with optimized EPDs and to encourage more manufacturers to create them
• LCA practitioners: How deliver LCA content to create optimized EPDs

If you’re unable to attend, register anyway and we’ll send you the recording.

Emerging embodied carbon marketplace and high greenhouse gas price tag on residential projects: RSVP

2021-07-13T17:00:00Z CLF Minnesota: Tally / EC3 Demo from Building Transparency


mindfulMaterials/Building Transparency/ULI || Owning It: Real Estate Commitments to Transformative Materials Action

Real estate leaders share their individual and collective commitments and action to address the embodied impacts of building materials.

It’s time for owners to own their powerful role in transforming the materials economy. Mindful MATERIALS, the Urban Land Institute, and Building Transparency are joining forces with real estate leaders to dig in on the critical importance of improving materials selections holistically, and discuss how this growing community is specifically addressing Embodied Carbon. Come hear from Tishman Speyer, Hudson Pacific, and Skanska Real Estate Development, and their leaders in sustainability. They’ll share their vision, goals and share case studies of implementation and success in measurably reducing the impact of the built environment through mindful materials selection.



Join the CLF community to talk about biogenic materials in buildings! This happy hour builds off of our last webinar focused on the same topic. Here’s the link to register and you can find the last webinar recording here

July 15, 5pm PT
CLF LA || Material Innovations from Academia to Industry

More information at the CLF-LA website.



Hello everyone, this Tuesday, 13th of July, at One Click LCA we’ll be running a webinar on reducing EC in interior projects.

The topics that I’ll be covering are:

  1. The value of assessing embodied carbon in refurbishment projects
  2. How to quantify the embodied carbon of a refurbishment project and identify hotspots
  3. How to identify low carbon solutions

The webinar starts at 9am PST. You can signup here

CarbonCure is hosting a new live webinar on Wednesday, July 21st titled “ Going All-In With Low-Carbon Concrete: Geiger’s Success Story ”. Join us for a lively discussion on the benefits of adopting sustainable concrete at scale, and how Geiger successfully implemented CarbonCure technology in all their plant locations.

Topic: Going All-In With Low-Carbon Concrete: Geiger’s Success Story
Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
Time: 12:00pm ET
**Register:**Webinar: Going All-In With Low-Carbon Concrete: Geiger’s Success Story

2021-07-22T17:00:00Z2021-07-22T18:15:00Z Wood for a Lighter Carbon Footprint - CLF Chicago panel discussion. Full description and registration here:

Delighted to announce the official Virtual launch of Canada’s Capital Ottawa Regional Hub of The Carbon Leadership Forum on July 26th, 2021 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM Canada Eastern Time

Dr. Miroslava Kavgic, Assistant Professor at The University of Ottawa
Mr. Anthony Pak, the Principal of Priopta, and founder and director of
CLF Vancouver | Carbon Leadership Forum

Event Registration:

CLF Ottawa Website:
LinkedIn Profile:

Kindly find the attached Event Flyer and Agenda

CLF Ottawa Hub - Virtual Launch Event Flyer.pdf (742.7 KB)
CLF Ottawa Agenda.pdf (76.6 KB)


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CLF 10 Minutes of Brilliance Webinar
Register here

Building off of past 3-minute moments of brilliance presentations co-hosted by the CLF hubs in New York and LA, join us for three BRILLIANT 10-minute presentations covering the following topics:

Luke Lombardi (@Luke-Lombardi) and Emma Reif (@ereif) will present “Conserving Carbon Assets through Resilient Thinking” a brief look into reframing the embodied carbon challenge with a lens toward protecting and preserving our building stock that is vulnerable to natural hazards.

Catherine Paplin (@cpaplin) will present “Climate salvation through building salvage,” covering how key policy and practice changes could effect radical, immediate carbon emissions reductions by prioritizing building preservation and reuse over new construction.

And Walter Cain (@waltercain) will share “Reusing Building Materials: from Obligation to Opportunity” Reusing salvaged materials is an effective strategy for designers obliged to minimize embodied energy in construction projects, but these materials also present opportunities for innovative design.