Buy Clean Oregon - Feb 2022 legislative session

A Buy Clean Oregon policy is being introduced (again) during the short February 2022 session. Here’s a link to the bill’s page and a direct link to the introduced bill. Uniquely, the bill focuses only on Oregon Dept of Transportation purchases of concrete, asphalt, and steel. We expect a significant amendment to the introduced language.



Thanks for sharing. I’ve been seeing a lot of “Buy Clean” policies shared and discussed, but I can never seem to find what carbon foot print limits are being set for materials.

Has that been established yet?


Here are the limits for CA!

Still trying to get concrete, but the state has passed a bill to reduce cement emissions by 40 percent by the end of 2035.

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Hi Scott,

The Oregon bill, as introduced, does not set GWP limits. It basically requires EPDs for concrete, asphalt, and steel for a selection of DOT “demonstration projects” to test strategies to reduce carbon. The bill doesn’t eliminate the possibility of setting future GWP limits, but it’s not currently a requirement of the bill. This is kind of similar to Buy Clean CO. In that bill, limits are required for vertical buildings but it’s not explicitly said that they will set limits for materials used in infrastructure projects.


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@jordan.palmeri -

Thanks for the follow up and clarification.

I guess this is a step in the right direction… you cannot reduce what you do not measure, right?

Still, without any established limit, this is a big missed opportunity. Won’t it be easy to simply share an industry wide EPD for concrete, steel, etc? How does that end up improving anything? Am I being too skeptical?


Other Buy Clean policies establish a responsible agency to study and set the limit - similar to Buy Clean CA which required DGS to set the limits.

Would be great to see hempcrete and hemp be researched for the Buy Clean. If China can build luge runs and bobsled runs and incorporate hempfibers, and other countries can save, and use for buildings to concrete and more…we should be all over it. Especially in a Hemp Growing State!

UPDATE. Buy Clean Oregon scheduled for it’s first hearing on 2/17 at 8:00am.

Links to:
Submit Written Testimony
2/17 meeting agenda + livestream link
HB 4139 website - amendment expected shortly


WE have a 2 tools that may help. for EPD certificates and Carbon-ML carbon markup language (under development) for any EPD or discussion. Documents – Carbon-ML

Update: HB 4139 passed in the OR state legislature.

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Update: It’s official. Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed HB 4139 (Buy Clean Oregon) yesterday