Calculating plant / tool use on site


I am new to this forum, so apologies if I am treading old ground. I have a client who carries out heavy duty drilling. They are a subcontractor and therefore sites / site offices are not metered or controlled by them. This is the core of their business and therefore I am keen to include (at least estimated) energy use for this plant - but am not sure how to tackle this.

I have considered establishing the energy use of each piece of plant, which can then be captured on the PUWER register, however I think there are too many diverse items (which may be used any day) to make this a feasible option to capture at site level.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experience of managing this?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi Eleanor - I would suggest that reviewing fuel and electricity consumption should give you a fairly accurate metric that can be used to estimate emissions. Your client may want to collect data using a power meter monitor for plug loads if they don’t have good proxy information.