Climate Earth Announces Concrete Masonry EPD Generator

May 20, 2021
Climate Earth Announces Concrete Masonry EPD Generator
New system helps producers meet growing demand for lower greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment.
Richmond, CA. May 20, 2021.

Climate Earth announces its new EPD Generator for concrete masonry. A major addition to the CarbonCLARITY™Suite of all digital low carbon construction applications, the Concrete Masonry EPD Generator is the first and only system that enables producers to quickly measure the impacts of any mix design by generating a new environmental product declaration (EPD) in seconds.

The all-digital Concrete Masonry EPD Generator fills the gap for the AEC community. In response to the overwhelming desire of designers to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the built environment they can now easily evaluate the embodied carbon impacts of any of the hundreds of structural and architectural CMU types available.

Angelus Block, a leading provider of concrete masonry units in Southern California was the first to implement the new CMU EPD Generator. “The EPD Generator produces short product specific EPDs ideally suited for bid submittals and prepares us for the rapidly emerging future of ever advancing materials and technologies for reducing carbon” said John Surratt, Architectural Sales Manager. Learn more here.

“I’m delighted that our team developed the new all-digital system, obtained verification, and implemented our first customer in just under 180 days since UL Environment released the product category rules (PCR) for Concrete Masonry on November 11 of last year.” “The rapid development demonstrates our ability to quickly place advanced, easy to use systems in the hands of our customers helping them effectively compete and win in the emerging low carbon construction market” said Chris Erickson, President of Climate Earth.
More information on the Concrete Masonry EPD Generator is available here.

For questions, or to arrange a live demonstration please contact Jules Conde, Marketing Manager at 415-391-2725 or at

About Climate Earth
Climate Earth is a leading provider of digital solutions for the concrete industry. Our focus is to create business friendly applications that help our customers grow and thrive in the low carbon construction market. The CarbonCLARITY™ Suite includes applications to measure and manage embodied carbon, speed low carbon innovation, and help producers market low carbon concrete solutions. The Suite includes the Ready Mix EPD Generator, a first of its kind, with over 30,000 ready mix EPDs generated. The Project Builder, the Concrete Designer, the EPD Analysis tool, and now the Concrete Masonry EPD Generator rounds out the growing CarbonCLARITY™ Suite of all digital applications for low carbon construction.