CLT Case Studies

I’m looking for case studies or reports demonstrating reasons to use CLT (and/or Mass Timber at large). Specifically, hoping for case studies that compare CLT panels to other building envelope systems (i.e. concrete tilt up, steel framed, etc.). The case study/report could include cost comparison, embodied carbon comparison, performance comparison, etc. Any information you are able to share would be helpful!

You may have already come across this, but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Tall Wood Design Institute’s series of reports on Carbon Impacts of CLT. It’s a great place to start and includes:

  • An info sheet series about CLT, focused on its environmental impacts
  • A case study series of WBLCAs for five buildings utilizing CLT
  • An annotated bibliography of significant sources for the info sheet and case study series
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Hi Julia,
We have publicly available comparative LCAs for a couple of our buildings -

Wood Innovation and Design Centre:
Building Case Study (wood above the foundations, including egress stairwells and elevator core):
EPD and LCA: Wood Innovation and Design Centre Environmental Building Declaration - Case Studies, Research + Resources - naturally:wood

Catalyst Building LCA performed by the CLF (includes info for both the CLT specifically, and the whole building):

Happy to chat if you have any follow-up questions!

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