Comparing OneClick and EC3 Databases for A1-A3 Impacts Specifically

I’m doing some research; not to figure out which one of these tools is “better”, particularly as I understand they serve different purposes. Instead, I need to understand the differences between the A1-A3 data for materials in each tool.
With OneClick, I’m happy and familiar with the transparency of their database. They have whole technical documentation articles on the policies regarding their data aggregation.
I’m less familiar with the policies and standards of the EC3 dataset, and have not been lucky finding that information.
Can anyone please help me to understand this?
Again, the focus is on A1-A3 impacts – not the wider environmental impact data which I know Oneclick also deals with.

@mike.kovacs Not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for but EC3 has a methodology page in the left hand tab. it links to both the methodology they use for determining EPD uncertainty and how they establish the CLF baseline numbers. My understanding is that the underlying data comes directly from EPDs, and while most categories include only stages A1-A3, some, such as insulation, include impacts from other life stages (due to large impacts from off gassing). Hope that helps. The EC3 team is also very open about their work, if you reach out to Building Transparency, they should be able to answer any questions that the methodology pages aren’t able to.

I think this confirms what I was looking to understand. I will have to reach out to find out more detail though. Noted, thank you very much :slight_smile: