Concrete Contractor 2020 Cementitious Data - Need Assistance

Hello everyone! I work for a concrete contractor in Washington, DC. Our operations team is working to identify measurement benchmarks around embodied carbon (at this point our focus is on concrete, though we hope to include rebar in the mix in the future) and create a reporting structure.

Our ready mix suppliers provided us with total quantities of fly ash, slag, cement, and concrete we used in 2020. A handful of our mix designs have EPDs readily available, but unfortunately, the vast majority don’t (not to mention that a single job may have dozens of mix designs). Is there any way we can utilize the data available for benchmarking efforts without having EPDs across the board?

Please let me know if you have any recommendations or insight!


As a rough start ZGF have developed a rapid concrete carbon estimation tool, it uses material LCI data from Tally… @baha.sadreddin should be able to help you out.

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Thanks, Will! @baha.sadreddin please let me know if you’re available to connect this week. I appreciate the help.

PANYNJ has historical mix data since 1999, including SCMs, pounds of portland, and embodied carbon calculations made from raw mix components in the absence of EPDs. drop me a line or give me a call. Dorian Bailey 973-464-4873.

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Hi Maddie. Happy to connect and discuss a path that might help with your workflow. I’ll send you a PM with my email address.