Daybreak Game - Climate Crisis Advocacy Through Play

Hey all!

I am a big fan of board games, and I want to plug Daybreak, a new game that does a great job of tackling the climate crisis. It’s a fully cooperative game where players act as different countries working to reduce carbon emissions while building resilience against growing threats, and it’s filled with real-world examples of strategies and projects that we can use to achieve those goals. There is even a card for low-carbon concrete, which removes some Industrial emissions:

Would highly recommend for anyone interested in building awareness about the climate crisis in ways that are both detailed and approachable. It strikes an interesting balance between creating a sense of urgency and also maintaining hope. Also it’s just a really fun game! Has anyone else here played?

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This is amazing that you’re plugging this. I will second your promotion of the game. I’ll message you directly about why :slight_smile: