Embodied Carbon Intensity - Generic Data's

I am trying to get a relative feel for the average GWP values for typical materials before looking into regionally-specific calculations. Is there something like generic listing that has construction materials and associated embodied carbon?

Hi Bipin-
do you know EC3?
It’s a free tool that has a library of materials EPD (and other functions as well). You can refine the results by region or country.
Here is a snapshot of the material categories that it covers.

Hello Cecile,
Thank you for the information. I am aware of the EC3 tool. I was just looking for web based resources, which includes very basic information about construction materials and associated embodied carbon in general before jumping into the EPD and regional materials.

EC3 can be helpful for that too - if you simply select a category and click search you will see the range of impacts for that category in general across all regions, no need to dive into individual EPDs or regions.

You can also check out the Carbon Smart Materials Palette for a basic discussion of various materials or the ICE Database for a free generic resource of carbon values. This materials pyramid mentioned on another thread about material selection is also helpful, just note that it can be misleading to compare all materials on a mass basis - they all have different densities and functional units on a real project.

ECOM might be of use for looking at structural materials: ECOM – Embodied Carbon Estimator – SE2050. It’s created by the SEI Sustainability Committee & SE 2050 initiative for simple comparisons/order or magnitudes.