EPIC - Free new early phase tool for whole carbon assessment

Hey, everyone! For the past two years, EHDD has been working on a decision support tool for low-carbon design at the earliest project phases. The Early Phase Integrated Carbon Assessment (EPIC) is built to support low-carbon planning decisions way before there’s a BIM model or bill of materials. In rough terms, EPIC is designed as a conceptual parallel to ‘shoebox’ energy or daylight models—the results do not correspond directly to a real building but can help us understand which strategies could perform well, are unlikely to succeed, or are worthy of more attention.

Many of you on this forum have been part of our closed beta test over the last few months, and today we’re happy to open the tool up for free use. It’s also developed significantly since our closed beta, so I’d encourage older users to give it another look. Our goal is to keep the tool free and up to date–the urgency of the climate crisis demands nothing less. In return, we only ask that you use, critique, and offer feedback on the tool!

You can access the tool here:

And a user’s guide and description of the tool’s methodology are available here:

On June 27th, we’re offering an introductory webinar about the tool:

On July 15th, we’re offering a follow-up session oriented toward data, methods, and integrating EPIC in project workflows:

I’m happy to answer any questions about the tool here, at the webinars, or via email at epic@ehdd.com. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, critique, and feedback!


Congrats Jack and team on making a great tool!

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