Forestry impacts in LCA

Hello LCA friends,

I’ve just published a discussion paper to share with you all: “A Proposed Methodology for Assigning Sequestered CO2 from “Climate-Friendly” Forest Management to Timber used in Long-Lived Building Products.”
As the rather wordy title suggests, it is about trying to bring the impacts of forest management into LCA and EPDs for wood products in buildings.
This is not intended to be the last word on this topic - actually, very much the reverse. This is just the current thinking we have based on current project work in this area, and it relies a lot on the excellent work to date of David Diaz & co at EcoTrust. We know that work is ongoing, and that would be one reason to expect this approach to change in the future, but there are probably other things to include in a methodology for putting forestry into LCA… would definitely appreciate your thoughts. I hope that those of you working in the field will use this paper as a point of reference – it is not so much intended to have a methodology to use directly on projects (though you are welcome to try), but to advance our collective approach to include more relevant factors and information. You’re welcome to point out oversights or alternatives that are just as good or better. Hopefully, a robust discussion will help us all grapple with this difficult question better.

You can download the paper here: