Govt of Canada low carbon concrete

Will Nash posted this in the Materials category, but I’m not sure how we cross-post to multiple categories on this new platform. Cross posting here to make sure folks interested in policy developments are also aware.

Hi all - if you or someone you know works in the Canadian market you may be interested in the Government of Canada’s RFI posted this morning seeking feedback on proposed low carbon cement requirements:

Requirements under consideration are:

Starting late 2020, and phasing in over 12 months to support market readiness, all general use cement specified by GC will be Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) or equivalent

From this 10% lower-carbon baseline, GC designers will be required to reduce further emissions by specifying low-carbon concrete:

Starting [Month, Year] all concrete specified by GC will require product-and-facility-specific Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) or equivalent.
Starting [Month, Year] GC will publish maximum carbon intensity values for concrete specified on a range of project types which will set mandatory lower-carbon benchmarks for concrete purchased by GC. (The GC intends to collaborate with the architects and engineers, and cement and concrete, sectors to set benchmarks.)