Gypsum Wallboard alternatives?

Our firm has recently completed a few WBLCA studies on renovation projects, and the embodied-carbon elephant in the room is often gypsum wallboard. Of course, we love GWB for its acoustic, structural, fire-safety, paintable properties - but nevertheless, has anyone heard of alternative, climate-smart materials that can match (or almost-match) gyp as a wall finish? Looking for ideas anywhere on the spectrum from feasible to emerging!

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Magnesium oxide - search extremegreen or dragon board… might be a few other mfg too. you can get away w/ 1/2" as well vs 5/8" b/c its much more durable than gypsum. only down side is purest MGO is usually mined in china.

ps - ignore the stuff you read about Denmark(incident w/ Chinese mgo), just make sure your mgo is from a reputable mfg. good luck

Hi Alex!

Within gypsum board, you can reduce the embodied carbon by choosing lightweight gyp (reduced water = reduced energy for drying and associated CO2 emissions). You can learn more about that and other ways to reduce embodied carbon of gyp on the Carbon Smart Materials Palette:

For innovations/alternatives, I can’t think of an example that has the same aesthetic look, but one you could consider is wood fiberboard. There’s also a rice/straw MDF being developed in California by CalPlant. I’m not sure how far out from market they are, though I’m sure more people in this community have info on that: @david @chris1


Thank you for the ideas Lindsay - passed on to the design team!

Thank you for the tip Jeff - I’m looking for some EPDs to describe the embodied carbon impacts of magnesium oxide board & potentially compare with gyp. Could you point me to some resources to help quantify the embodied impact of this material?