Help CLF flip the carbon switch!

As a member of this Community, you know that for over a decade the Carbon Leadership Forum has been the go-to leader in North America to reduce carbon emissions from building materials. We’ve created industry standards, developed tools, and initiated a broad movement of leaders to transform the biggest industry in the global economy. Recently we built the world’s first tool that is now employed by over 10,000 users to easily select more sustainable materials for our buildings. Projects like this enable industry leaders from across the world to make real impacts on climate change now. Through your participation, you collaborate with key partners, & contribute your skills, knowledge, expertise, and inspiration to build a movement of building industry professionals who can help transform the global economy.

Now, in this giving season, will you please help the CLF scale to meet the challenge, build our resources to aid the movement to decarbonize buildings and materials, extend our network, and accelerate our impact? Please make a generous donation today, and send this link to 5 key people whom you know will also want to help. And many thanks for your partnership!