How to locate the best low carbon concrete producers

Climate Earth Inc., the originator of the instant EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for the concrete industry, has released a plant locator which features North America’s most sophisticated and advanced designers of low carbon concrete.

This map enables the AEC community to quickly identify and locate the concrete producers that can most effectively produce low carbon mix designs and instant EPDs.

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This is a fantastic tool, I hope that eventually all batch plants can be added to the map!

Low carbon concrete starts with the specification, and generally speaking most concrete plants will be able to produce low(er) eCO2 mixes by reducing the cement content for example by delaying the date of strength acceptance, using larger aggregate with good grading, and increasing the SCM content. The earlier you get the batch plant involved the easier it will be to drive the CO2 emissions down.


I agree 100%. Producers need to be involved early to design optimal mixes and then create an EPD to confirm CO2e. Effectively CO2e (GWP) become a new performance metric. All the producers on the map have the ability to design a mix to meet all performance and constructability requirements and minimize the GWP for those requirements and generate an EPD to confirm GWP performance.

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Will the tool locate low carbon cement producers?