I'm referrals to an HVAC consultant for new home construction project who can help with EC/OC tradeoff

I’m starting the design process for a new, all-electric, single-family home in Anacortes. I want to reduce both OC and EC for the project. I’m seeking an HVAC consultant who can help me make smart tradeoffs between OC and EC and apply the latest technology in a cost-effective manner.

I want to make the project a case study in the ROI of carbon smart building. I’m willing to do the necessary data gathering and analysis to document the impact of the decisions and calculate the ROI. Hopefully we can demonstrate that there is no green premium to low OC and EC new homes.

Thanks for any referrals!

Khalifeh & Associates was our MEP on our zero carbon ready homes in CA and they do work in Vancouver too. Their contact is:

Good luck!

Thanks Scott, i’ll get in touch with them!