Looking for help to learn about glass

Howdy, carbon heads, I’m looking for resources or people to talk to about glass’s carbon footprint, and what’s coming for reducing that. Also use of ground glass as a pozzolan or aggregate. Thanks!

UL SPOT has quite a few EPDs of glass in various formats, window glass, fiberglass insulation, etc. which are in line with the interests of the building crowd. For things like fiberglass reinforcements, there’s an industry study from Europe that goes into nice detail - https://www.glassfibreeurope.eu/sustainability/life-cycle-inventory-impact-assessment/

In terms of reducing the carbon footprint, from an insulation and reinforcements point of view, some of the strategies include changing the chemical binder on insulation, increasing recycled glass cullet content, general productivity improvements & product optimization, and probably the biggest opportunity, increased use of renewable electricity, including conversion of natural gas furnaces to electric.

If there are questions related to our products, happy to answer as best I can.

Cheryl Smith
Program Leader | Product Stewardship & Sustainability
Owens Corning

Thank you, Cheryl! Can we arrange a 30 min. call? Please use bruce@bruce-king.com


There is a full LCA study on glass pozzolan, here’s a summary, but you could contact RIT to get the full report - https://www.rit.edu/affiliate/nysp2i/sites/rit.edu.affiliate.nysp2i/files/docs/resources/Urban_Mining_Northeast_Evaluates_Environmental_Impact_of_Pozzotive_in_Cement.pdf