Low Embodied Carbon Concrete Mix

Looking for testing data for PLC Type IL, finished slab color, durability. Also would like to know if there is any available data for any alternate aggregate mix that can be used to reduce EC to 40% and more .(%10 PLC + 30%< reduction)

Hi Negin, where are you located?

Hi Cecil,
I am looking for data for a case study in North America.

Hi @negin.sharifi, here is a link to a recent study from Birdsmouth design build, the CLF, the State of Oregon, and Wilsonville concrete which utilized Type 1L Portland cement and aimed for a SCM content of 50% in its stem walls and 30% in its slab and flatwork assemblies. The study is fairly recent (from September of last year). Hope this is helpful!

Hi @negin.sharifi - there was a lot of testing done by Oregon State for CalTrans, who ultimately adopted into their specification. I’d probably start there!

The resources at https://www.greenercement.com/, including a map of suppliers, can also be helpful. Here’s a short presentation by Tom Tietz and Nathan Forrest summarizing the research. And SEAOSC published a white paper for structural engineers.