October 2023 Meeting of the NGO/Government Roundtable on Embodied Carbon

CLF’s Embodied Carbon Roundtable has the following objectives:

  • Share news, strategic plans, resources, and tools related to embodied carbon.
  • Report planning and future dates for conferences, webinars, and meetings.
  • Inspire and facilitate ongoing communication and conversation among key leaders related to embodied carbon.
  • Encourage convergence on shared embodied carbon terminology, data standards, benchmarks, and targets for embodied carbon reduction.


  • Andrew Himes — Intro and Welcome from CLF
  • Kate Simonen and Michelle Lambert on the ECHO – Embodied Carbon Harmonization and Optimization Project — CLF
  • Katie Poss — Building Transparency
  • Lauren Alger – SE2050, Infa2050, STV
  • Luke Leung – MEP2040
  • James Kitchin - Mass Design Group
  • Cecilia Wandiga - Center for Science and Technology Innovations
  • Irene Dominguez - Bellona Europa
  • Alex Krowka – US Energy Association
  • Maura Mooney – RMI
  • David Lehrer – Center for the Built Environment (CBE), UC Berkeley
  • Nickson Otieno - NicoGreen

Kate Simonen – CLF

From the newsletter:

Michelle Lambert – CLF

  • ECHO Project Lead from CLF
  • CLF is facilitating this group
  • Sign up for news about ECHO

Katie Poss – Building Transparency

  • ECHO Involvement
    • common reporting schema for WB carbon results and WBLCA results
    • Collected individual schemas that commitments and certifications are using, evaluated, combined, conducted 7 work groups to understand how data is collected
    • Developed a first draft of the schema, hope to have it published for public comment review in early 2024

Lauren Alger – SE2050, Infa2050, STV

  • ECHO involvement
  • Infrastructure systems baselines gaps
  • Project addresses the lack of aligned data in industry
  • Working groups – bridges, tunnels; looking for case studies and best practices published

Luke Leung – MEP2040

  • ECHO Involvement
    • Working with national lab for PCRs for EDP development
    • LCA of the building for B4 replacement cycle, now looking at B1 reporting

James Kitchin - Mass Design Group

  • Excitement about growth of commitment and groups
  • Email

Cecilia Wandiga - Center for Science and Technology Innovations

  • CSTI
  • UNESCO Associated scientific trust
  • Chemistry perspective to climate change, looking to support industry and built environment as point of engagement
  • Looking at emissions – toxicity and carbon intersection
  • Restor

Irene Dominguez - Bellona Europa

  • Brussels - climate policy and decarbonization
  • EC work:
    • raising profile of EC in EU
    • Zero emissions construction sites, EC in products
    • Procurement and low carbon materials
    • Launching comms campaign for regional report about EC in Europe
  • Europe Update
    • Energy Performance for Building Directive - Whole Life Carbon Provisions
    • Whole Life Carbon Roadmap

Alex Krowka – US Energy Association

  • Cooperative agreement with US DOE – Domestic and international consensus on needs or carbon management technology
  • Program: Utilization Procurement Grants Program
    • Funding state and local governments, public agencies and utilities, procurement that uses carbon oxides in their manufacturing processes, building materials focus
    • Subcontractors are allowed - receive funds through working with one of those agencies
    • LCA must be submitted to NETL to show that carbon oxides is lower than incumbent materials to apply to grants
  • Carbon oxides in building materials - it’ll help lower the EC within the material, similar to CarbonCure
  • Email

Maura Mooney – RMI

  • Advance Building Construction Collaborative
    • DOE and their Advancing Building Construction Program
    • Advancing industrialized construction methods, focus on low EC materials and decarbonization
    • Embodied Carbon Working Group for cities and states will be November 8, 9:00 am PT/ 12:00 pm ET
    • Email

David Lehrer – Center for the Built Environment (CBE), UC Berkeley

  • Industry Consortium
    • 50 different companies, design professionals, manufacturers, etc…
    • Collaborate and fund work

Nickson Otieno - NicoGreen

  • Working on CLF Kenya
  • NicoGreen - think tank, developing guides, pushing embodied carbon agenda
    • Developing EPDs
    • LCA work
    • Exploring reduction of construction waste and created a reuse platform