Our Constant is Change - Member Survey

Hello Online Community – In case you missed the April newsletter, you can find the intro letter below. We are working to support you all the best we can and are asking to take a quick Member Survey to help in that process. If you aren’t subscribed to our newsletter, you can do so here!

CLF has an amazing community of like-minded individuals and organizations that are all working towards the same goal – lowering embodied carbon emissions in the building industry. We are very grateful for all of the ideas, support, and energy that our network brings – and we want to know how we can continue to support that energy.

Our network has grown exponentially over the last few years – CLF now has over 7,200 LinkedIn followers, nearly 4,000 Online Community users, 30 Regional Hubs, 52 organizations in the NGO-Governmental Roundtable on embodied carbon, 66 engineering firms and 33 supporting organizations for the of MEP 2040 Commitment, 106 structural engineering firms signing the SE 2050 Commitment, 57 CLF Sponsors, and many other individuals who engage with and support CLFs work.

The growth of the CLF community has reflected a shift in the goals and priorities within each initiative. On the Online Community, we’ve seen conversations go from general embodied carbon education to collaborative and intersectional discussions on a wide range of topics. The NGO Roundtable has expanded to the “NGO/Governmental Roundtable” as more government agencies are engaging with embodied carbon topics and policies. The Regional Hubs have shifted from a focus on general education towards deep dives on specific embodied carbon topics and action oriented engagement. With these changes, we want to ensure that we are providing the support and guidance needed to further the work that all of our community members are doing.

So, let us know what you think as a CLF member – What topics are on your embodied carbon wishlist? What questions keep you up at night that CLF could provide guidance on? How connected do you feel to the larger CLF community? You can provide feedback and thoughts using the link below to fill out our quick Members Survey. We thank you in advance for taking the time to engage with us. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to reach out to me at mbyrne1@uw.edu.

Thank you again to all of our members and your embodied carbon leadership!