Phase 1: Questionnaire Survey - LCA Challenges and Data Quality Assurance Indicators

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My name is Oludolapo Ibrahim Olanrewaju, and I am a Doctoral student at the Wellington School of Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington. I am currently working towards my dissertation entitled “Improving Data Quality Assurance in Construction Environmental Product Declarations for Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment”. My research investigates how the data quality assurance in Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) can be improved to enhance the reliability of the whole building life cycle assessment (WBLCA) for sustainable decision-making.

I humbly write to you seeking 10-15 minutes from your busy schedule to complete this questionnaire. The questionnaire will better understand the challenges in LCA implementation for EPD preparation and EPD implementation for WBLCA and help understand the relationship between data quality assurance indicators and these challenges.

To participate, please click on the following link:

Your response to this questionnaire would be crucial to the research. The questionnaire has been designed such that it will not take you a long time to complete. We are sorry for the inconvenience imposed on you, as we would like to assure you that any information that you provide will be treated as strictly confidential and used solely for research purposes. In agreeing to participate, you could be selected and asked to participate in phase two (developing a data quality assurance model based on Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation) and phase three (validation).

If you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with me via

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Note: This survey has been approved by the Victoria University of Wellington Human Ethics Committee (application reference number: 0000030001). The survey is being conducted using Qualtrics, a cloud-based software that stores data on secure servers.

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Oludolapo Ibrahim Olanrewaju

PhD Candidate, Wellington School of Architecture

Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington