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Of course implementing building code policy is the most forceful way to get buildings built better, but I believe in a market-driven economy, the market can do more & faster (maybe?). We’ve seen this in Europe, right? Performance metrics are actually valued when purchasing a home? I don’t know if it is national, but HERS ratings are a requirement here on real estate listings but no one pays them any mind & they do not have any impact on pricing. The requirement needs to be more than HERS, needs to include EC, but also needs to be validated via financing options, culture, etc. Is this a valid topic for the Outreach category/task force or is this better addressed via Policy? Is anything being done to address this?

-Lindsey Love

Hi Lindsey, My thought would be that this would go to Policy. So I edited the category to Policy and tagged it as outreach (I’m a moderator and can do that)

The outreach focus group is currently inactive…Looking for volunteer focus group chairs!
The original focus of this group was to ‘serve as an embodied carbon learning environment, and communicates the Network’s research, projects and initiatives to broad audiences in order to drive widespread understanding and support for carbon reduction activities’

Thanks Kate! I am eager to help where I can, but I don’t know if I’m the right fit to chair the Outreach group, although I’m interested in learning more about what might be involved…I could help write a draft “job description” if useful for identifying the right person


Re: things being done. Have you seen ULI’s report on embodied carbon? It outlines a concise and compelling argument for the “Business Case for Embodied Carbon” that does a great job to frame the conversation around increased asset value. It includes great tips for project owners & teams, though perhaps stops short of recommending broader market drivers like labeling etc. Perhaps this is an area where ECN could extend the recommendations? Check it out:


exited to look through this! Thank you!