Seattle Times op-ed from CLF: "Green construction can play an active role as climate action accelerates"

Today The Seattle Times published an important new oped by Anthony Hickling on major opportunities coming into focus that will convert buildings from an existential threat (#embodiedcarbon emissions from building materials & construction) to a significant solution to the climate crisis.

“With collaboration among policymakers, industry and the people whose lives are most impacted by real estate development, now is the time to scale low-carbon building practices that transform buildings from significant net carbon emitters to zero-carbon or even carbon absorbers. According to the most recent IPCC Fifth Assessment Report report, these next 10 years provide a narrow window for us to mitigate the most extreme impacts of climate change. In that process, buildings must become less harmful. And with the right mix of research and development, political grit and collective determination, buildings can become a true solution to climate change.”

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