Tally Construciton Energy Inputs

Does anybody have guidance for energy inputs in Tally to get phase A5 estimates?
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Athena has a calculator inside their software which computes the energy requirements to lift the weight of the construction materials to the mid-height of the building. I have not been able to extract this formula for use, but have been able to put the weight of construction materials from Tally into Athena in order to obtain the results. Not the best approach, mixing software methods, but it is one way to solve this. It would be nice if Tally would solve this.

I assume that you’d need to have data from GC to input here. There is not any centralized data to estimate these impacts yet that I’m aware of.

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I hope this helps.


Determining the energy expenditures can be roughly estimated using Census reports for the
construction sectors (US Department of Commerce 2000); however, more site-specific information is needed according to construction project, cost, and duration to further understand energy usage per construction project. This information is currently being collected as a part of this research (Matthews et al. 2005).


Cited from: Bilec, M., Ries, R., Matthews, H. S., & Sharrard, A. L. (2006). Example of a hybrid life-cycle assessment of construction processes. Journal of infrastructure systems , 12 (4), 207-215.