Tools for SE2050 tracking

Now that we’re committed to SE2050, we’re trying to figure out what tools are going to be best for tracking the carbon footprint of our structures. What tools are other folks using?

I’ve dabbled with Tally, EC3, OneClickLCA and Athena, and none of them have made me feel warm and fuzzy about the output. Tally is perhaps the closest to my mental ideal, but the inability to see EPD’s makes it a bit too opaque for my liking. Perhaps OneClickLCA is closer, but there seems to be gaps in the database that need to be filled (galvanized steel decking, spray applied fireproofing, etc).

Is anyone happy with the process they’re using? Have other tools they recommend?

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Hi Tim,

At One Click LCA we do include pretty much every EPD published in the US & CA and wherever there aren’t any available we do have generic datapoints which you could use. Nonetheless, if you came across any materials that have EPDs and we don’t have them in the tool you can always send us an email and we will include them (provided they pass our QA process) in the next database update.

Also, I’d be glad to have a talk with you about the gaps and what you are looking into doing and maybe see how can One Click LCA fit your needs!

Bit of a sidetrack here, but the mention of fireproofing has me thinking. From the SE2050 guides, I’m not sure that’s intended to be part of the overall number that we’re reporting. Fireproofing isn’t a “structural material … that supports gravity loads, lateral loads or both” but I could see an argument that it’s part of what makes a functionally equivalent gravity system.

We’re currently exploring what we can pull out of a shared whole-building LCA with the architect vs doing takeoffs with EC3 or another tool.

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Thanks - I was trying out Planetary, which apparently has a limited database available. I did start a trial of the full software, and it does seem to have a more complete catalog. Things that seem a little more difficult in the online interface are assigning structural finishes which would affect the GWP - galvanizing, painting, prep for intumescent, etc. We’ll probably be reaching out for a more comprehensive tutorial/demo of the software soon.

Yes - I’m hoping more clear guidance will be forthcoming soon as we’re trying to set up our processes. Things like material finish (galvanizing, painting, etc) and fireproofing, whether intumescent or spray applied need clear guidance on their inclusion or exclusion.

What makes it tricky is we’re an integrated firm with Architects and they will also be preforming a lot of similar takeoffs in pursuit of AIA2030 and other building credentialing programs - so what gets included where?

Hi Kyle,

We are currently developing a document that will provide guidance on this topic. Generally speaking, data submitted to SE 2050 should consider functional equivalency to ensure appropriate comparisons to future benchmarks and other data points.

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