Upcoming PHIUS webinar: Spaghetti Carbon-Era: Disentangling Operational and Embodied Carbon

Hi - PHIUS is hosting a webinar about PHIUS and EC on Monday the 23rd 12:30 EDT. Register here.

"Passive House is fundamentally a tool for combating global climate change by reducing carbon emissions. However, as a system, Passive House focuses on reducing operational energy which is only responsible for part of a larger carbon footprint. Without a full accounting we are left asking the question: Have we built a Passive House or a Massive House? In order to determine whether or not a Passive House makes a positive, negative, or neutral contribution to carbon emissions, we must account for the embodied carbon of the building’s materials with regards to creation, transport, and lifecycle in addition to the operational energy/carbon that Passive House focuses on so well. This session will discuss embodied and operational carbon accounting and the results comparing the operational and embodied carbon for each building will be analyzed. The session will conclude with solutions for making low carbon buildings more accessible for diverse project types. "


I missed this webinar - any idea if it has been or will be posted? Would be curious to hear PHIUS’ take on these issues.

Yes - right here.

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I found the case study quite interesting and it was nice to see PHIUS promoting a serious look at EC.