Webinar: Low-Hanging Fruit: Practical Material Swap-Outs for Low-Carbon Construction

Join Built Green’s latest embodied carbon educational webinar on Tuesday, February 14th, Low-Hanging Fruit: Practical Material Swap-Outs for Low-Carbon Construction.

This webinar will cover affordable, practical steps that builders can take now for reducing the embodied carbon of the homes they build, especially those readily-available one-for-one materials substitutions, how to compare materials using BEAM, and review how builders can earn credits towards their Built Green certification by lowering embodied carbon.

A Q&A session will follow the Zoom presentation. Register here.

Meet the Speaker:
Jacob Deva Racusin is an Embodied Carbon Analyst and BEAM Trainer with Builders for Climate Action, where he has been actively involved in embodied carbon research and development and training of the BEAM tool. He is Director of Building Science and Sustainability with New Frameworks Natural Design/Build, offering services in renovation, new construction, consultation, and education. As a consultant, designer, and educator, Jacob is able to merge his passions for ecological stewardship, relationship to place, and social justice. Jacob has authored two books and numerous articles and regularly instructs on topics of building science and climate impact. An active member of the Carbon Leadership Forum, Jacob is engaged in code and policy development, professional training, and other initiatives supporting the transition to a more just industry.