Welcome to the Procurement Working Group


  1. Per the above, the main goal is to produce a challenges & solutions document in this thematic area that will be the basis for work during the Summit and, when finalized, will chart the critical path forward post-Summit.
  2. Utilize and contribute to the Knowledge Hub, where relevant resources – reports, links, recorded webinars, research papers, etc. – are concentrated and curated.
  3. Identify and recruit speakers for Summit level-setting presentations in this thematic area followed by break-out groups.
  4. Conclude Summit discussions with wrap-up / report out / next steps in this thematic area.

The aim is for each working group to have goals 1-3 ready to share no later than March 15th, allowing sufficient time for review and distribution prior to the Summit on April 14th and 15th.



  • In addition to certification, what other approaches to wood procurement could support improved forest management? For example, what about purchasing credits from registered forest carbon projects when other options aren’t practical, possibly tying the quantity of credits to the volume of wood used?
  • Can model specification language be created that results in the procurement of climate-smart wood and mass timber products? If not, what barriers are preventing procurement specification language? Are there potential solutions to these barriers, or other opportunities that can be envisioned?

Working Document (GoogleDrive link)