Welcome to the Roundtable: NGO Alignment on Decarbonization

The purpose of this private group is to develop alignment and promote collaboration among key organizations playing a leading role in the global decarbonization movement, to share resources and news, report on key events and initiatives, to promote common benchmarks for the reduction of carbon emissions, and work towards common language/terminology.

Thank you for creating this community. I am with Team Zero, formerly the Net Zero Energy Coalition. We are excited to be part of this collaboration. We are working on a number of initiatives that will be coming soon including a Gateway to Zero, a directory intended to demystify the various paths to zero carbon. We expect to launch Phase 1 in June. Right now, we are curating a weekly newsfeed at teamzeronews.org. We would love any suggestions on content and links to news items that the community deems relevant. I’ll post a link to the latest issue in a separate post. Thank you again! Mary MacLeod, Acting Executive Director Team Zero