A new building material and production method with a flawless life cycle

A very widespread building material in the world - brick is responsible for 2.7% (over 1,072 million tons) of carbon dioxide of the total amount in the world Environmental Impact of Brick Kilns | Habla Zig Zag Kilns Existing BAT cer_bref and road maps EU 2050 ceramics give grounds that the brick industry is unlikely to achieve net zero targets in the LCA life cycle.

A similar situation is a no less well-known material for walls - expanded clay concrete block, expanded clay concrete blocks were able to compete with brick in many physical and technical parameters and gain wide recognition, but the carbon footprint of this material is doubled due to the need to use cement in production. At the same time, expanded clay, from which expanded clay concrete block is made, can be sintered under certain conditions and form ceramic foam building products using the carbon-free, resource-saving and energy-efficient technology “Kvarit”. This material is an analogue of products made from volcanic tuff and pumice, which were widely used for construction due to their excellent thermal properties as early as the 7th millennium BC and will also make it possible to reduce the need for materials quantitatively.

The ceramic foam block we offer and its production technology (patents: EP2738149A1) is ideal for today’s requirements for decarbonization, resource conservation and recycling, it is unrivaled compared to any wall building material.

Other positive properties of the material and technology:

  • application in earthquake-resistant construction.

  • heat resistance up to 1200 0C.

  • compact, easily transformable production that does not require bulky infrastructure.

https://kvarit.jimdofree.com/ goo.gl/GMrabP

Does this product have an environmental product declaration, or if not, is one being developed?


Hello Bob Redwin,

There is no environmental declaration, and, unfortunately, there are no funds for its development and verification, as well as for R&D. By posting information about the technology and product on the forum, I hoped to find a startup to implement the project. You have the potential to implement this project, which is very important for decarbonization and lean construction. I will be glad if you lead the implementation of the project.

Best regards,
Eduard Kokaia

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