New comfortable, energy-efficient building material and new technology

Dear Member of the Carbon Leadership Forum.

Are you committed to sustainable construction and decarbonization of the construction industry?

Are you not afraid of problems and the implementation of innovative technologies and materials?

This means you can become a beneficiary of a new material and a new technological paradigm.

Please check out the very comfortable and most sustainable building material for green building. Expanded clay concrete blocks, due to their technical properties, occupy a significant share in the building materials market, but the components for their production are produced using technologies that have the most negative impact on the environment. We bring to your attention the concept of an idea for achieving net zero in construction and production by replacing them with more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ceramic foam blocks: which:

-according to calculations, they are competitive in cost with natural gas,

  • lead to a complete reduction in the consumption of hydrocarbon raw materials,

  • significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In Europe, at least 30 enterprises are needed to produce ceramic foam products to replace expanded clay concrete products.

We have exhausted our financial resources and are looking for startups, small and medium-sized organizations or research organizations willing to continue research to implement this concept idea. We will provide all available data to speed up the process of implementing the idea, which will allow you to become a beneficiary.

Best regards

Eduard Kokaia Эрик Миерас Construction - PRé Sustainability Мариса Виейра