A4 coefficients

I am aware that there are European-specific global warming potential (GWP) coefficients for life cycle module A4 - Transportation, but where can North American/US A4 coefficients be found?

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Jonathan Ellowitz

Look to GREET https://greet.es.anl.gov/ from Argon National Lab:
The Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Technologies Model

EcoTransIT World is a great tool to calculate transportation-related emissions for A4. Input the weight, origin, destination, and modes of transport, and it will show total distance and emissions. It seems to have a fairly robust methodology behind it. Hope this helps!

Anthony Pak

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Thanks Anthony! This is very helpful. What a great resource.


Thank you so much Kate! This looks like a very valuable resource. There a lot to learn from this. Very grateful.