Advanced home construction nonprofit is launching (Amherst, MA)

I’m in the early stages of forming a nonprofit that would focus on using the most advanced materials, designs, and construction techniques to build prototype houses from which to learn iteratively (and rapidly) how to cheaply build homes on a large scale that can withstand the future severe weather conditions that will become the norm due to climate change. And if we have to completely redesign our homes to be more durable, it’s the opportune time to incorporate the most sustainable and biophilic standards into universal home construction. If anyone would like to learn more, please let me know. Ultimately I’m looking for a few others to help as initial officers or directors but would love to hear any feedback at all from anyone interested in seeing the business plan. (I would post it here but can’t upload as a new user.) I can be reached at jdavis0403 [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you.

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