Boston-area Development to Feature 12 Hemp-Lime Eco-Units

A 12-unit residential project in Massachusetts created from hemp-lime tip-up panels will be the largest hempcrete dwelling in the United States when it begins construction this fall.

The Hillside Center for Sustainable Living in Newburyport will be adding six solar-paneled 2-unit hempcrete “Tea Houses” to the 4.5 complex’s South Rise.

Developers David Hall and architect Keith Moskow are the second generation of a longtime construction family in Newburyport, founded by their late fathers.

The Newburyport project is an entire sustainable living community built on a remediated brownfield industrial site that formerly contained 3,000 tons of toxic ash, which was all removed.

The community, which will eventually have 48 rental units, uses recycled rainwater, permaculture gardening and small low-rise multi-family units that meet LEED Platinum and Passive House standards. The community also has a 10-unit “uber affordable” YWCA building with a shared-kitchen.