Building and Materials Researcher - Job Opening at CLF

CLF is is now hiring for the open position of Building and Materials Researcher (Full time)

This role will be responsible for the execution of research and analysis, development of guidance documents and educational resources, and outreach across the design community to improve the quality, accuracy, and effectiveness of building performance tools, methods and data that address embodied carbon. The Buildings and Material Researcher will work collaboratively in an integrated team with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, environmental policy, and materials manufacturing.

CLF is a research organization based in the University of Washington’s College of Built Environment. Our mission is to eliminate embodied carbon in buildings and infrastructure by inspiring innovation through collective action to create a just and thriving future.


We’ll be starting the review of these remote positions soon. If you’re considering applying, NOW is the time!

Couldn’t find the job at the link

That message you received from Kate was dated January 7. The job she was referring to has already been filled, so the link you were looking for is no longer available. However, soon we will be posting similar new jobs and seeking to fill them. Sp you should keep an eye on the Careers page: