Graduate Student Seeking Part-time Internship

Hello CLF community,

I am a graduate student at the University of Washington in the Civil Engineering department, graduating March 2024. My background is in structures (traditional, i.e. non-sustainability focused), and I’m looking for opportunities to transition into the building decarbonization space. My academic schedule will allow some time to take on a side project while I finish my thesis, and I am seeking a part-time remote paid internship (10hrs/week) related to sustainability in the built environment. Topics that I am particularly interested in are circularity and design for deconstruction, structural behavior of natural materials, and practice running LCAs. If anyone here is looking for assistance in these areas or knows of folks who may be, please get in touch with me at I am available to start as soon as May 4 and would welcome opportunities anywhere from three to ten months in duration in a research setting or otherwise. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to connecting!

Rachel Zable

A bit more about my experience- I am pursuing a master’s in structural engineering at UW currently. My research is a resiliency study of bridges in Western Washington subject to a major seismic event. I also have experience (1.5 yrs) working with a structural design firm working on residential light-frame timber and steel projects. I am proficient with Python and other structural engineering software, and I am somewhat familiar with the LCA process through independent study. I pick up new things pretty quickly. I have been following the CLF for the work they do around embodied carbon, and I am driven by the opportunity to change how we design buildings with respect to sustainability.