Building Demolition Data Sets? (Module C1 or C1-C4)

Hi all:

I’m curious to know if anyone has encountered an embodied carbon data set that isolates GWP related to existing building demolition, either with LCA Module C1 in isolation, or C1 through C4 grouped together. Looking at the 2017 CLF Benchmark Study, it doesn’t appear that demolition emissions are quantified, and the RICS database does generate reports that provide columns for Module C, though it doesn’t appear to be reported for most of the LCAs there.

Thanks in advance for any insights.

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Hi Mike - would be happy to share some of our findings from the GC side. Send me a note at!

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RICS you need to report C1 to C4 all separately. So any tools approved for use in GLA purposes like a One Click LCA reports all of them. You can also find it pretty much all our tools. You can find more for example here:

Hi Johanna - thanks very much.