Including demolition in A5

Seeking guidance for including demolition of a building in A5 for the new building.

Supposedly ASHRAE 240p has guidance on this, but I missed the review and it is not posted yet.

Thank you!

Hey Lindsey! Below are the snippets here from ASHRAE 240P (draft!) and RICSv2. If you want a copy of the 240P draft, happy to send it along. You can email me at


Pre-construction demolition (A5.1) Deconstruction/demolition of the existing built asset is essentially the same as the module C end-oflife impact of the existing built asset. However, to inform decision-making when comparing designs for retrofit or new-build options during the concept design phase, the deconstruction/demolition impact should be reported under A5.1 as part of the upfront carbon impact.

For retrofit schemes, any deconstruction/demolition as part of the main works should be accounted for in A5.1.

To calculate the carbon emissions associated with pre-construction demolition, actual figures should be used where possible, including transport to waste processing, and waste processing and disposal impacts themselves. If actual figures are not available, a standard assumption of 50kgCO2e/m2 should be adopted, applied to the GIA of the existing areas being demolished that fall within the boundary line. The kgCO2e/m2 value suggested should be superseded with site-specific data when available. The loads and benefits of recovery of any pre-demolition waste should be considered in module D1.

ASHRAE 240P Pre-construction Demolition (A5-1)
This stage shall include GHG emissions due to any demolition or deconstruction of existing structures required for the project prior to starting construction, including GHG emissions from disposal of materials. As-Designed Compliance Path.
GHG emissions shall be estimated based on 35 kg CO2e/m2 of the gross floor area of the building being demolished. As-Built Compliance Path
Follow procedure according to Section (As-Built Compliance Path for A5-2) for GHG emissions arising from demolition activities on site and Section (As-Built Compliance Path for A5-3) for GHG emissions arising from demolition waste.