Building for a Safer Los Angeles motion seeks to limit timber construction

This press release by Built with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mix Concrete Association, has been making the rounds in LA this week: Los Angeles City Council Moves to Ensure Safer Buildings.

The motion would be to expand “Fire District 1” and effectively limit new Type IV and V construction–restricting stick-built and mass timber projects.

A statement by the American Wood Council in opposition points to the negative impact this legislation would have on housing stock, approved affordable housing, and (of course) embodied carbon.

Wanted to bring this up to the CLF community as it seems there is growing tension between the concrete and wood industry lobbies, and legislation such as this could inhibit meeting climate targets like LA’s Green New Deal and C40 Clean Construction Declaration.

Does anyone have insights into the political process here? Have others seen similar efforts in other cities?

City Council File
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