Canadian industry-average GWP resources

I am conducting a WBLCA on a Canadian project and wondering if there are resources for industry averages of the GWP of concrete and steel? My experience has been with USA projects where I can refer to NRMCA for concrete values and AISC for steel, but not familiar with the Canadian market.

I have seen the CLF 2023 Materials Baseline for North America, but I don’t know how close/far from what it would be for Canada to chose low, medium, or high values.

Thanks in advanced!

Hey,Jaclyn! Since the EPDs from the CRMCA and NRMCA were developed by Athena SMI, use similar data (with similarly robust data quality and transparency!), and both use TRACI 2.1 for impact characterization, my impression is that industry-average EPDs are directly comparable between the two countries.

To jump from industry-average to product-specific data, I highly recommend the appendices to the CLF baseline report (it’s a separate document). That’s likely the easiest place to get a “low, medium, high” for each strength class in each region–and the GWP ranges are visualized in really gorgeous figures!

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