Carbon Cure Components in Tally


I wonder if anyone has defined the characteristics of cast-in-place concrete, structural concrete, using carbon-cure in Tally?
I’d like to identify potential savings on a project by using carbon-cure and compare it with other strategies such as using SCM.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Tally cannot really capture CarbonCure mixes, at least we don’t have data for it in Tally right now. From my previous experience looking at CarbonCure, the direct amount of kgCO2 injected into a concrete mix is about 1% of concrete’s kgCO2 emissions (I believe my analysis looked at product stage A1-A3 only, it has been a few years). The added benefit of CarbonCure is that it allows for a lower cement content, which can add another 2-3% reduction in kgCO2e per volume of concrete. CarbonCure is best used in tandem with other strategies like SCM use and other optimization of the mix designs, rather than being a standalone solution.

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Totally agree with Vaclav here. Tally does let you use custom concrete mixes, which works great as a proxy since emissions are driven by cement content. So just look at how much cement reduction you get from SCM vs CarbonCure and run them as custom concrete mixes.