CarbonCure and proper carbon accounting

It was recently brought to my attention that CarbonCure sells its carbon sequestration as a carbon offset to third parties.

That means when we use CarbonCure on a project, the carbon savings of that technology does not actually get retired with the building… it goes on to be retired by a third party that purchase it as an offset from CarbonCure.

This to me causes a major discrepency in carbon accounting. If we document the carbon sequestration from CarbonCure in our whole building LCA and then that carbon sequestration is sold to a third party, it is technology double counted.

How is the CLF community approaching this? I have started to alert our clients about this as I do not want them to get caught in a greenwashing scandal.




Citing your source may attract more attention to help validate the claim. I’m interested to learn about the topic. Thanks.

Hi Kai -

There was a LinkedIn conversation started by Christopher Drew from Smith+Gill discussing this issue a few weeks back.

See here: Christopher Drew on LinkedIn: #CDM #carboncredits #carbonaccounting | 35 comments

This link from CarbonCure discusses how they sell their sequestration process as a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) offset: An Introduction to CarbonCure’s Verified Carbon Dioxide Removal Program - CarbonCure

See response here from CarbonCure representative

It seems this would be double counting then and we can’t include sequestration in the LCA, it is not clear if they are also selling the emissions reduction from lowering the cement content of the mix.

Am I the only one who is upset by this ??

It’s very deceiving.