Carbon Farming with Timber Bamboo

The team at BamCore rigorously analyzed the carbon sequestration differences between wood and timber bamboo products - the results were astounding. We wrote this paper with the hope that others would begin to see the the potential of implementing timber bamboo in the built environment.

Check out the paper here.

Please shoot us a note if you have questions, comments, or want to learn more!

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Hi Myles,
The Renewable Materials task force of the ECN is about to start a project to help establish some protocols and methodology for counting stored carbon in materials. This paper is a helpful contributor to that effort. We’d be glad to have you join us on this project!

Happy to contribute however I can – keep me posted

Myles McGinley

Director, Strategy & Finance


Bamboo - twice as strong and stiff as pine, and it grows in a fraction of the time.
The optimizer in me can’t wait to see when this is regularly available in the market in mass.
We need to continue pushing the market conditions that allow that to happen!

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Does anyone have EPDs for bamboo timber, engineered beams, and so on? Bamboo is super promising, but we need to get its numbers verified.

Agreed! We are in the early stages of working on an EPD. As soon as its finalized we will share (probably need at least until fall

Myles McGinley

Director, Strategy & Finance



MOSO has published an LCA study and EPDs for a few of their products. You can find more information at the link below:

Chris Jeseritz