Immediate hiring of a consultant to complete carbon storage analysis of Eucalyptus compared to wood and bamboo

Global Bamboo Technologies Inc. manufactures structural building products that utilize some of nature’s fastest-growing and strongest fibers. Our goal is to accelerate planting bamboo and eucalyptus species and then store that carbon in long-term building products. By doing this, we can rapidly sequester and store CO2, combating climate change’s effects.

In 2019, GBT Inc authored a white paper (“Carbon Farming with Timber Bamboo”) that showed bamboo plantations could sequester 4-6 times the amount of CO2 as plantations of southern yellow pine and other framing timbers. As GBT Inc continues to scale, we are developing new products that utilize other fast-growing species, such as Eucalyptus. We, therefore, need to quantify the amount of CO2 our targeted eucalyptus species can sequester over their 10-20 year life rotations compared to bamboo and traditional framing timber.

We are seeking a consultant that can accomplish two main tasks over a 30-day period . First, a thorough literature review must be completed to identify publications that quantify the amount of carbon stored during eucalyptus species’ earlier growth period. This data should be broken out into each organ of the plant and should account for the age, planting density, and location, among others. This data should be compiled in a spreadsheet to be compared and used in modeling.

Second, complete the carbon modeling with the context of the existing “Carbon Farming” model." In our 2019 paper, GBT not only compared bamboo sequestration to a group of traditional framing timber but also conducted a sensitivity analysis and a time valuation of the carbon flows using discount rates. This allowed us to see how utilizing bamboo has a significantly greater impact on reducing global emissions because the near-term benefits of sequestering more CO2 with bamboo are far more significant than that of traditional afforestation with wood. The consultant will need a complete understanding of our 2019 paper so that the independent eucalyptus analysis can be directly compared.

The company and the consultant will agree on an acceptable compensation rate. The consultant will need to be available within and outside regular business hours to coordinate daily with GBT’s management. Contact