Carbon Forward 2020 global conference Oct 14-15

Dear colleagues,

I would like to invite you to attend the Carbon Forward 2020 global conference, and make use of the promo code CF2020-JC to get a 20% discount at checkout.

You can check the agenda & speakers here:

Carbon Forward is the environmental markets flagship annual event

In order for countries and companies to support the Paris Agreement and honour commitments to achieve Net-Zero carbon by 2050, they need to know how.

Carbon Forward 2020 will bring together carbon market expertise and talent from across the governmental, finance, energy, transport and aviation sectors to show you the way. Delegates will join those experts to discuss the risks and opportunities associated with constantly evolving climate change landscape. Beyond the EU ETS, existing and new environmental markets are growing in importance, prominence and financial risk both in Europe and North America.

Delegates will discover practical solutions that can help manage the financial risks of cutting carbon emissions across different industries as well as how companies are cutting their emissions. Carbon Forward will give you the opportunity to network with policy makers, industrials, trade associations, traders, analysts, and other environmental markets sector professionals.

Looking forward to seeing you there !