CLEAN Future Act (federal Buy Clean) and policy resources

Buy Clean continues to grow! The US House Committee on Energy & Commerce released the current CLEAN Future Act with language referencing Buy Clean, committing to embodied carbon tracking and reduction target setting. Building Transparency will support these efforts with Buy Clean compliance sortability and Product Category Rule sortability.

The Green Building Advisory Committee (GBAC) to the US General Services Administration (GSA) has approved a series of procurement principles. The GBAC has recommended: (1) that the GSA require environmental product declarations (EPDs) for 75% of materials by cost or weight, with global warming potential falling in the best-performing 80% of functionally equivalent products; and (2) that whole-building life cycle assessments are performed for projects over $3 million to demonstrate a 20% carbon reduction compared to a functionally equivalent baseline.

Check out these guidebooks on Buy Clean Policy and US Federal Climate Policy. We’re working on Buy Clean initiatives in Austin, TX! :slight_smile: