CleanFiber cellulose

First cellulose insulation product from recycled cardboard – not from newsprint. Just launched first production line in Buffalo, NY and shipping to first customers.

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Are you producing batts? Do you have any plans to? Interested for panelization purposes. Or, can you comment on how a new panel company in a rural area w/ lack of insulation installers (who would ideally be blowing/dense-packing) might use your product?

Thanks for this; I’ve sent it on to my favorite NY dense-pack installer.

I am not with the company. You could ask the ceo - Jonathan Strimling -

Thank you!

A new panel company could procure the appropriate blower and do the dense pack in house as part of your staffing. Careful attention would have to be given to air and water barriers, but htere is a lot of great training and in formation about this from 475 High Performance Building Products.
Most important aspect of dense packing cellulose is to have the proper machine to deliver the proper airflow and pressure.
Where are you located?

Thank you Stephen.stuart! Sorry it took me so long to get back with you…It’s been a very busy week. I’m right next to Jackson Hole, WY. I’m not the panel producer, but a designer who is working them on a prototype panel. If you would like me to connect you with the panel guy, I will if you send me your email address.

Hi Lindsey,

Thanks for your reply. Not to worry about reply time.

What an exciting opportunity for you, to be on the cutting edge of carbon drawdown.

This will be my email contact going forward from today, as our department is being put on leave as a result of the financial devastation of COVID-19:

There are so many great learning moments with this pandemic, greatest of which is the possibility to re-imagine our world orderand to shape it with great equanimity
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Stephen, I’m sorry to hear that about the department. I do hope things will come back on line ASAP but we all know that a safe ASAP might be quite a while out still.

Take care.