Wood Fiber Insulation Boards

Does anyone have any experience/info on working with wood fiber insulation boards? Namely regarding suppliers, turnaround times, etc. Current project is located in Washington State (Okanogan County) and we’re looking for improved compressive strength over rigid foam board.

I’m also big fan of the fire resistance quality and potential for sequestering carbon, but finding anything that isn’t going to be shipped halfway around the world is a challenge. I’ve been looking into products from Sonae Arauco, Gutex, and TimberHP. Would absolutely love to find someone making it here or a ‘local’ vendor.

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

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Hempitecture is just announced their PlantPanel, that will be manufactured in Idaho. Not sure when it will be available but its exciting to finally get wood fiber insulation board made in the US.

Thanks for responding, Seth. Do you have any info on PlantPanel? The link on their website doesn’t seem to work. If I click on Get Quote it doesn’t have it listed there either. I am very curious about the compressive strength, sizes, materials, etc.

Speaking of made in the US, TimberHP is supposed to be up and running at this point, but everything I’ve seen is still about pre-ordering their products from other vendors - all of them located in the NE US.

I’ve only seen a press release so far showing R6.5 and Class B fire rating. Hopefully we get material specifications soon.

The difference verses Timber HP seems to be wood fiber vs hemp fiber. Would be curious to see how the EPDs compare. Would hemp sequester more carbon than wood since its a faster growing plant?

Hi Jim,

I understand that you’re looking for information on working with wood fiber insulation boards, specifically regarding suppliers and turnaround times, for your current project located in Okanogan County, Washington State. You mentioned that you’re interested in products with improved compressive strength over rigid foam board, and you’re also drawn to the fire resistance quality and potential for sequestering carbon.

Unfortunately, I don’t have personal experience with wood fiber insulation boards, but I can suggest a few local vendors in Washington State that you might want to check out:

  • Sustainable Building Center - Located in Seattle, they offer a variety of eco-friendly building materials, including wood fiber insulation boards from manufacturers like Sonae Arauco and Gutex. They might be able to provide you with more information on sourcing locally.
  • Olympic Peninsula Wood Products - Based in Port Angeles, they specialize in sustainably sourced wood products, including insulation panels made from recycled wood fibers. They might be worth contacting to see if they carry the specific type of insulation you’re looking for.
  • Cascadia Windows & Doors - While they don’t exclusively sell insulation materials, they do offer a line of energy-efficient windows and doors that incorporate wood fiber insulation technology. They might be able to provide you with additional resources or recommendations for local suppliers.

Regarding turnaround times, it’s best to reach out directly to these vendors to inquire about their availability and lead times. Keep in mind that local supply chains may be affected by factors like demand, transportation logistics, and weather conditions, so it’s essential to plan ahead and allow for flexibility in your project timeline.

Finally, if you’re looking for a reliable taxi service to get you to and from the various suppliers and job sites, you might want to check out Okanogan Taxi Service or Omak Taxi. They both offer affordable rates and friendly drivers who know the area well.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your project!

Do you happen to have any contact info for Olympic? I’m not finding them online.