Collaboration in Non-Extractive Design: Designing without Depletion

I am an Architect and participant in the local “chapter” of CLF here in Minnesota. My allure to CLF comes out of my journey towards Non-Extractive design, a philosophy or approach outlined by Joseph Grima and a number of writers and academics that recognizes “extraction” and externalities as a root cause for many of our issues today, both environmental and social. Carbon, for me, is often symbolic for these externalities, identifying the scope and impacts of capitalism. 

I am looking to find collaborators for Non-Extractive thinking and developing awareness, conversation and actionable projects along with finding a "home" to explore and embrace more fully the implied imperatives of Carbon tracking. Recognizing that carbon is not just to be about the environment, but the people and cultures displaced and impacted as well.  I would be happy to have a brief conversation and welcome to any input or ideas you may have. I can be reached at - Thank you!